Peter Tertzakian

2021 Keynote Address: Hydrocarbons & Renewables in Alberta, What is the Future

Presented by Peter Tertzakian, Deputy Director of ARC Energy Research Institute.

More about Peter:

A respected public speaker, podcaster, blogger and author, Peter has devoted his career to energy, first as a geophysicist, then as an economist and investment strategist. Peter has written two bestsellers — A Thousand Barrels a Second and The End of Energy Obesity — and recently launched his new project, Energyphile, and book, The Investor Visit and Other Stories: Disruption, Denial and Transition in the Energy Business. Passionate about studying how society evolves its energy use and applying lessons of the past to today’s strategic business issues, Peter created Energyphile to encourage people to think about the energy business in a whole new way.

In 2015 Peter was seconded to the four-person Royalty Review Panel for the province of Alberta — the world’s eighth largest producer of oil and gas — where he led the redesign of the fiscal policy. In 2016 he was inducted into the Alberta Petroleum Hall of Fame. Peter is an adjunct professor at the University of Calgary, and in 2020 became an Executive-in-Residence at the Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre at the Ivey Business School, Western University.

To find out more about Energyphile and The Investor Visit and Other Stories, visit

Peter and his colleague Jackie Forrest also host the ARC Energy Ideas podcast, exploring trends influencing the energy industry. Subscribe to the podcast.


In preparation for Peter’s session, please read or listen to the short story When Stoke Stokes from the collection.  As well, please also take a few moments to read the five short Vignette’s within the online collection, listed below. website –

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