2020 Lunch Sponsor Day 1

$2,000.00 CAD

2 in stock

  • Branded lunch (brought to you by:) signage during lunch
  • Logo on boxed lunches provided to attendees
  • Sponsor mention in morning announcements and special reminder over the CsHm app
  • Company logo on sponsor signage
  • Company logo on CsHm app
  • Company logo on CsHm website
  • Company logo on sponsor printed materials
  • Company logo on sponsor loop during the plenary and in classrooms
  • Company mention in email to attendees in the week leading up CsHm

*  Opportunity to add an attendee giveaway into lunch bags

Investment $2000.00
* 3 opportunities available Tuesday
* Additional opportunity to include a give-away item in each attendee lunch bag at an added cost of $500.
* Note: All give-away items must be provided by the sponsor and are subject to CsHm approval.

  • *All give-a-ways must be provided by the sponsor and must be approved by the CsHm

    • 500 $