NAIT Award Information

NAIT Award Information

NAIT Petroleum Engineering Program Award

Name of Award: Canadian Institute of Hydrocarbon Measurement Award
Value of Award: $2000
Number: 1
Available to second year students of the Petroleum Engineering Program. Awarded on the basis of a brief essay outlining interest in petroleum measurement and metering, and a minimum academic achievement of 2.6 (70%) in the first year.

Application: Apply to the NAIT Student Awards office or online.
Deadline: First Friday of each October every year

Instrumentation Engineering Tech Award

2009-2010             Neal Reid

2011-2012              Marshall Burrows

2012-2013              Xikun Zhang

2013-2014              Matthew Lapointe

2014-2015              Matthew Zacharias

2015-2016               Jaskeet Kang

2016-2017               Jun Tao

2017-2018               Brett Parada

2018-2019               Simon St. Jean

2019-2020               Michael Cowan

Petroleum Engineering Tech Award

2009-2010             Akeel Jabbar

2011-2012              Curtis Boven

2012-2013             Christian Montoya

2013-2014             Jean Ndeugueu

2014-2015             Jeong Sae Lee

2015-2016             Mathew Chichak  

2016-2017               Carson Powers

2017-2018               Blake Isaac

2018-2019               Steven Gosselin

2019-2020               Darren Simpson